Algeria/ 5.3 Sector specific legislation  

5.3.5 Architecture and spatial planning



Order No.67-281 in 20/12/1967


Law No. 83-03 in 05/02/1983


Law No. 90-29 in 01/12/1990


Law No. 90-29 in 01/12/1990


Law No. 98-04 in 15/06/1998


Law No. 01-20 in 12/12/2001


Law No. 08-08 in 08/05/2002



Law No. 03-10 in 19/07/2003



Executive Act No. 07-144 in 19/05/2007

Protection of Historical and Natural Sites


Environment Protection


Country and Town Planning


Protection of State Proprieties 


Protection of  Cultural Heritage 


Country Planning and Permanente


Development Country Planning and Creation of New Cities


Rules of Environmental Protection Related to Sustainable Development   


List of Labeled Institutions for Environment protection

Chapter published: 03-05-2013