Algeria/ 4.2 Specific policy issues and recent debates  

4.2.3 Cultural/creative industries: policies and programmes

In 2009, the Algerian president said of cultural growth in Algeria: “We want an Algeria where art education begins in an early age; an Algeria where culture and art subjects enter every educational section and every home” [A. Bouteflika, a message to artists on the occasion of Artist Day, 2009]. However, such a project may not be realized without an art market governed by rules that attract investors and reassure contractors on the one hand, and without elaborating a training program in the cultural field on the other.

Contrary to the film and CD sectors, the book sector has been steadily developing for some years now. This is due to the financial assistance provided by the MOC to the book sector and to the fact that, since 2002, many programs have been launched to encourage reading in Algeria. Libraries have been opened all over the country, the number of publishing houses has increased due the booming book sector, school book-reading is being promoted by rehabilitating school libraries and forming task groups in the field of literature (through cooperation of the Ministries of Culture and Education) and the National Book Center has recently been created (currently under implementation).

Chapter published: 03-05-2013