Algeria/ 5.3 Sector specific legislation  

5.3.4 Literature and libraries



Executive Act No. 93-149 in 22/06/1993


Executive Act No. 07-275 in 18/09/2007


Executive Act No. 08-236 in 26/07/2008



Executive Act No. 03-278 in 23/08/2003


Presidentional Act No. 09-202 in 27/05/2009

Primary Law for the National Library


Primary Law for the Public Reading Libraries

Establishment of Public Reading Libraries


Framework Organization for Books Distribution in Algeria.

Creation of the National Center for Books


In addition to the texts regulating libraries, an agreement between the ministries of National Education and Culture has been reached on a group of procedures aimed at promoting educational reading. Among these procedures is support for increasing the number of current school libraries to 9,040 with a minimum of 100 references and books in each. This interest in libraries and reading spurred the establishment of the National Center for Books.

Chapter published: 03-05-2013