Algeria/ 4. Current issues in cultural policy development and debate  

4.2.1 Conceptual issues of policies for the arts

- The tangible and intangible heritage sector is one of the main priorities of the MOC in Algeria and many activities have been conducted since 2000 to protect this heritage (see 4.8). Hence the importance of the opening of a restoration studies department in the School of Architecture.
- President Abdelaziz Bouteflika has placed cultural industries at the core of the new cultural strategy in Algeria “Establishing cultural industries is considered the groundwork for unprecedented prosperity in the field of culture and art in Algeria” [A. Bouteflika. A message to artists on the occasion of Artist Day, 2009].
- Re-polishing Algeria's image abroad after the outbreak of terrorism in the 1990s is also a priority. This shall include holding large-scale artistic events such as Algeria's Year in France, Algeria: Capital of Arabic Culture, Pan-African Cultural Festival of Algiers and Tlemcen: Capital of Islamic Culture.
- Show the cultural diversity in Algeria. “Showing the cultural diversity, which is protecting and promoting our cultural heritage represents is to us one of the exigencies of democracy” [K. Toumi, Minister of Culture, 2005].

Chapter published: 03-05-2013