Algeria/ 5.1 General legislation  

5.1.7 Copyright provisions

Copyright laws in Algeria derive their legitimacy from a set of national legislation and international agreements. The most important related international agreement details copyrights and the agreement of artistic and literary works protection. The most important related law regulates legal deposition regarding copyright laws and the scope of its application. Act No. 96-16 on 02 July, 1996, considers legal authentication to be a binding procedure for every producer of saleable intellectual or artistic products, assuming that copies of intellectual and artistic production are held by the appropriate legal entities.

Act No. 03-05 on 19 July, 2003, protected literary and artistic works for up to 50 years and defined copyrights, neighboring rights, and the sanctions resulting from violating these rights. Copyrights and neighboring rights are managed by the National Bureau of Copyrights and Neighboring Rights, an industrial and commercial institution which protects the material and non-material interests of authors and those protecting traditional cultural heritage works. Article 14 of the Act details that publishing periodicals is free but that all periodicals must be registered and authenticated, which requires a statement to be presented at least 30 days before issuing the first edition.

Chapter published: 03-05-2013