Algeria/ 5.1 General legislation  

5.1.6 Labour laws

Despite the interest shown by the Algerian state in legislation aimed at reforming the labor sector, changes have not addressed the variability in public and private economic sectors (Act No.06-03 on 15 July, 2007). There are no special laws applied to culture and arts departments, which is only worsened by the lack of regulation for workers in this domain.

Executive Act No. 91-340 on 28 September, 1991, includes the primary law concerning cultural employees. The Act’s first article clarifies the special arrangements applied to workers in cultural departments. The classification table specifies jobs corresponding to specific institutions and their conditions. The second article indicates that organizational bodies belonging to cultural heritage and cultural animation are specifically officiated to culture. The third article indicates that employees of culturally officiated bodies are considered workers in administrative, decentralized facilities and general institutions subject to the authority responsible for cultural maintenance. These workers can work in central administration or for other administrations.

Executive Act No. 97-391 on 19 October, 1997, changed some conditions mentioned in the previous act, adding departments like Cinema Inspection as well as placing technical assistants in the Department of Cultural and Artistic Activation.

Executive Act No. 08-383 on 26 December, 2008, clarified the conditions applied to the departments of the MOC, specified a list of the sections related to those departments and the necessary qualifications to join different ranks within those departments. The third article indicated that these sections are considered private cultural institutions: cultural heritage, libraries, documents and records, cultural and artistic activation, and artistic composition. These laws only apply to departments dealing with culture writ large. There remains a notable absence of collective agreements regulating work relationships between institutions and between workers in different departments. A joint committee of the Ministries of Culture and Labour was created to address this issue.

Chapter published: 03-05-2013