Algeria/ 4.2 Recent policy issues and debates  

4.2.6 Media pluralism and content diversity

The traditional broadcast media (radio and television) are monopolized by the state and are under the custody of the state Ministry of Information.

There are five state-controlled TV channels in the country: National Channel ENTV, Algerian Channel, A3, Quran Channel and Amazigh Channel. There are three national radio channels that transmit their programs 24/7; one in Arabic, the second in Tamazight and the third in French. There are also an international channel and two specialized channels (Quran Channel and Cultural Channel), in addition to 43 local radio stations in governorate centers.

As for written press, freedom of the press is relatively guaranteed by the state; news and publishing establishments are subject to the Publicity Law. However, there is no collective or individual press agreement, no independent press union and no laws that protect the people working in private journalism in general [APRM, Evaluation Report, 2007].

There are 322 written bulletins of all kinds, totaling 4.5 million copies and an average withdrawal of 2.5 million copies per day. The 332 bulletins are distributed on 65 daily newspapers, 57 of which are general newspapers, three are specialized economic newspapers and five are sports papers. There are currently three national distribution agencies, five regional agencies east of the country, one distribution agency in the southeast and eight wholesale distributors [State Ministry of Information, 2009].

Chapter published: 03-05-2013