Algeria/ 3.4 International cultural co-operation  

3.4.3 European / international actors and programmes

UNESCO defines cultural policy as “All the uses and action or failure to act performed consciously and deliberately, in a society, designed to meet specific cultural needs by making optimum use of all material and human resources that are available to this company at a given time.” [F. Colbert, 1992]. By this definition, foreign organizations do not exercise important influence on the Algerian national cultural policy. However, foreign cultural centers in Algeria are very active, the French cultural center in Algiers chief among them with its various cultural and artistic activities including cinema, live spectacles, and conferences.

Foreign cultural centers produce activities likely to strengthen ties between their respective countries and Algeria.

Foreign agencies expenditure

Although they receive strong state support, cultural associations and civil society organizations could scarcely function without private sector support as well. According to a recent study by the Cultural Association and Societal Development, 30% of cultural associations partially depend in their financial support on foreign embassies, ONG, and European Union aid. (Journal El Khabar, 2009). The French Cultural Center, in particular, provides small grants to finance a number of exhibitions and theatrical projects during the year, but there are no clear standards or defined mechanisms for determining the distribution of these grants. Each new administration at the center relies on supporting individuals who have previous professional or personal relationships with those from the center. 

Chapter published: 11-06-2013