Algeria/ 5.3 Sector specific legislation  

5.3.3 Cultural heritage

Law No. 98-04, passed on 15 June, 1998, signaled a remarkable interest in cultural legislation. The law introduces the concept of national cultural heritage and develops general rules to protect, maintain, and develop it. Article 2 stipulates: “National cultural heritage, according to the law, includes all cultural and private real estate. It also includes all movables on a tract of land belonging to the state, owned by legal or nominal persons under private law, or present in subterranean layers of national or regional water inherited from the different civilizations. National culture also involves the non-material cultural properties stemming from social interactions, and individual and collective innovations from past to present”.

Other laws related to basic legal aspects, museums and archeological site protection have been introduced, the most important of which are: 



Executive Act No.85-277 in 12/12/1985


Executive Act No. 03-322 in 05/10/2003



Executive Act No. 03-323 in 05/10/2003



Executive Act No. 03-324 in 05/10/2003



Executive Act No. 03-325 in 05/10/2003



Executive Act No. 186-2007 in 27/05/2007

Model Primary Law for National Museums


Practice of Technical Works Concerning the Protected Real Estate Cultural Properties.


Plans to Protect the Archeological Sites and the Related Protected Areas and Restoration.


Development of Permanent Plan to Maintain and Restore the Preserved sectors


Preservation of the non-material Cultural Properties in the National  Databank


Conditions of Establishing National Museums

Chapter published: 03-05-2013