Vietnam/ 8.1 Support to artists and other creative workers  

8.1.2 Special artists funds

Vietnam has been trying to create a national fund for artists but it will take time for it to succeed. At the moment, there are some small NGOs funding the arts as follow:

  • Hanoi Cultural Fund is a governmental organisation with the following mains tasks: contributing to introduce, preserve as well as bring into full play cultural heritages (cultural relics and values); sponsoring, bringing up talents, encouraging and developing all kinds of art; collecting and introducing artistic and cultural heritages, cultural elites at home and abroad; supporting and sponsoring cultural activities; promoting culture and education; and organising cultural exchange programmes and contests.
  • The Cultural Development and Exchange Fund (CDEF) provides support to contemporary artists and cultural performances in Vietnam and to cultural exchange activities between Denmark and Vietnam.
  • The British Council Arts Fund (BCAF) aims to support Vietnamese artists and Vietnamese art organisations in Vietnam. It also aims to enhance collaborative practice between artists and arts organisations in Vietnam and the United Kingdom and promote understanding of the two cultures among the wider public.

Chapter published: 30-11-2013