Vietnam/ 4. Current issues in cultural policy development and debate  

4.2.1 Conceptual issues of policies for the arts

Specific policy issues and recent debates

At the moment, there are some specific policy issue discussions and some debates underway which are as follows:

First, the culture sector is a multi-domain sector; hence, existing cultural policies cannot cover all aspects of activities that are in this sphere.

Second, the quality of cultural managers and workers do not meet the demands of ground reality, both in terms of numbers and quality.

Third, the system relevant for culture and arts, though improving with time, still requires to be worked on in terms of amending and improving laws and regulations.

Fourth, the budget for arts and culture is limited.

Fifth, the differing viewpoints of cultural managers and those making cultural policies affect the result and quality of the policy.

Sixth, rapid changes in ground realities in the field of arts and culture create obstacles in the path of effective cultural planning and policy making.


Chapter published: 04-12-2013