Vietnam/ 4.2 Recent policy issues and debates  

4.2.6 Media pluralism and content diversity

Media in Vietnam are tightly regulated by the Vietnamese government. First and foremost, the media are a tool for government information and propaganda. The government views the media as the voice of the party and of the masses, and sees its main function as being the propagation of the party's guidelines and policies. Though market competition has caused the Vietnamese media to embrace popular culture, newspapers, radio and television – they are still based on information to reflect on the fundamentals of MarxismLeninism and Hồ Chí Minh’s thoughts.


Vietnam's national radio station, called the Voice of Vietnam, is the biggest radio station in Vietnam. It broadcasts on many channels, repeated on Medium wave (MW) AM, FM and shortwave (SW) AM bands throughout Vietnam and the rest of the world:

  • VOV1 (MW and SW)—news, current affairs and music
  • VOV2 (MW and SW)—cultural and artistic programmes
  • VOV3 (FM)—music and entertainment
  • VOV4 (MW)—ethnic minority language programming
  • VOV5 (MW)—world service broadcasts in eleven foreign languages
  • VOV News—a website containing news and other aspects
  • VOVTV (Television Channel)—nationally broadcast which aims at delivering update news every thirty minutes per programme
  • VOV newspaper “The Voice of Vietnam”—a printed version with more in-depth contents of the VOV news website
  • VOV transportation—updating information during rush hours to help people travel smoothly through traffic jams.


It was estimated that VOV’s programmes reached more than ninety percent of all households in Vietnam.


Vietnam Television (VTV) is the biggest television company in Vietnam.

VTV today has the following channels:

  • VTV1: 24-hour news and current affairs broadcast VTV2: Science, technology and education.
  • VTV3: Sports and entertainment.
  • VTV4: An international channel, offering a best-of package of programming from the three domestic channels to Vietnamese based across the world
  • VTV5: Channel for ethnic minority communities in Vietnam.
  • VTV6: Youth channel.
  • VTV9: South favour.

And some regional television branches as follow:

In addition, most cities and provinces have their own radio and television stations.


Current prominent Vietnamese-language newspapers include Nhan Dan (People), Tuoi Tre (Youth), Thanh Nien (Youth), Nguoi Lao Dong (Labour or The Worker), Tien Phong (Vanguard), Sai Gon Giai Phong (Liberated Saigon), and Ha noi moi (New Hanoi). Prominent French language newspapers include Saigon Eco and Le Courrier du Vietnam. Prominent English language newspapers are Vietnam News, Vietnam Investment Review, Economic Times and Saigon Times. There are other smaller provincial newspapers in all provinces.

The largest online newspapers are VNexpress, Vietnam Net, Tuoi Tre,, Dan Tri.


Chapter published: 30-11-2013