Vietnam/ 5.1 General legislation  

5.1.1 Constitution

1992 Constitution of Socialist Republic of Vietnam has institutionalised the thought reform of roles and positions of culture of the Party. It refers to culture in Chapter III, articles 30–34 as follows:

  • Article 30: The State and society preserve and develop a progressive Vietnamese culture imbued with national identity; and inherit and enhance the values of the multi-ethnic Vietnamese civilisation, Hồ Chí Minh's thought, ethics and style; assimilate the quintessence of human culture; and foster all the creative talents of the people.
  • The State assumes the unified administration of cultural development. Reactionary and depraved ideologies and culture are to be banned; superstition is to be driven out.
  • Article 31: The State creates favourable conditions for citizens' all-round development; inculcates in citizens the sense of civic responsibility and the need to live and work in accordance with the Constitution and the law, to preserve fine customs and to build happy and cultured families; instils in citizens patriotism, adherence to the socialist regime and a genuine spirit of internationalism, friendship and cooperation among nations in the world.
  • Article 32: Art and literature help nurture the noble personality and soul of the Vietnamese people. The State invests in the development of culture, literature and art, creates favourable conditions for the people to enjoy literary and artistic works of high value; sponsors the promotion of creative literary and artistic talents. The state develops diverse forms of literary and artistic activities; encourages popular literary and artistic activities.
  • Article 33: Work in the field of information, press, radio, television, cinema, publishing, libraries and other means of mass communication is to be developed by the State-Cultural of Information. Activities detrimental to national interests and which undermine the fine personality, morality and way of life of the Vietnamese people are prohibited.
  • Article 34: The State and society shall preserve and develop national cultural heritage. Historical or revolutionary monuments, cultural relics, works of art and beauty-spots shall be maintained, restored, protected and their impact fostered. Due attention shall also be granted to preservation and museum work. All acts causing damage to or prejudicial to historical or revolutionary monuments, works of art and beauty spots are strictly prohibited.

Chapter published: 30-11-2013