Vietnam/ 8.1 Support to artists and other creative workers  

8.1.1 Overview of strategies, programmes and direct or indirect forms of support

In recent years, the State has created favourable environment and conditions for the activities of intellectuals and artists. It includes the promulgation of the democracy regulation of cultural and art activities; to supplement and complete the mechanisms and policies to create favourable conditions to intellectuals and artists to devote their talents, and be honoured by the society.

It has also continued to implement an incentive policy. Annually the State allocates a permanent budget to support the creation and dissemination of literature, art, architecture, press, and folklore by sponsorship and ordering. Enterprises are encouraged to contribute financial support to produce art works.

  • Organising contests on creating literature and art to gain valuable ideological and artistic works to serve social demands.
  • Diversifying financial sources (the state, sponsorship, donations, etc.) in establishing and raising cultural funds.
  • Implementing to protect intellectual property and relevant rights, and royalties attached with the sale of art products. It has continued to carry out different forms of rewards and titles toward cultural and art works.

Chapter published: 30-11-2013