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Svante Beckman

Professor, Technology and Society Studies, Linköping University

Tema Q, Linköpings Universitet, 601 74 Norrköping
Tel: + 46 8 619 6731
Fax: + 46 11 21 89 20



Svante Beckman is an economic historian, professor of Technology and Society studies at Linköping University, Sweden, chairman of the interdisciplinary research department of Culture Studies named "Tema Q", co-director of the national research program "Culture in Knowledge Society", former director of The Work and Culture Institute, a division of National Institute for Working Life in Norrköping.

Current research interests concern the organisation of cultural work, artists' career patterns, cultural policy, museum studies, and artifact theory. In 2006, he became director of SweCult, a new cultural observatory in Sweden.