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Tobias Harding

Ph.D. Culture Studies, Linköping University

Tema Q, Linköpings Universitet, 601 74 Norrköping
Tel: + 46 11 36 34 16
Fax: + 46 11 21 89 20



Tobias Harding did his dissertation on organizational structures and national identity in current Swedish cultural policy. He currently working with the project Democratic Learning in Educational NGOs, financed by the Swedish Research Council and focused on the relationship between new modes of organizing in civil society and established government supported organizations. His main research interests concern civil society and cultural policy, as well as relationships between modes organization and concepts of democracy, culture and national identity.

He is presently a postdoctoral researcher at Linköping University as well as the head of SweCult, a unit at the university charged with increasing contact between the arts and culture sector and relevant research.