Rana Yazaji

Managing Director

Ettijahat. Independent Culture, Damascus, Syria



Rana Yazaji is an activist, researcher and programmer in the field of culture. She received a diploma in Theatrical Studies from the Higher Institute for Dramatic Arts, Damascus, Syria in 2001. She also earned an MA in Conceptualization and Management of Cultural Projects from Paris III and an MA in Dramaturgy and Theatre Direction from Paris 10.

She published a number of articles and studies on various cultural topics in Syrian and Lebanese newspapers and magazines. She worked as a researcher in the field of cultural policies and contributed to a study monitoring cultural policies in Syria, which was published in the book “An Introduction to Cultural Policies in the Arab Region”. She also conducted a number of studies on related topics, most importantly “National Planning and the Rising Role of Civil-Society Institutions in Syria”, which appeared in the Annual Book of Cultural Policies published by the Bilgi University, Istanbul, and a study on Cultural Economy that was conducted in cooperation with the Dauphine University, Paris.

Apart from working as a researcher and trainer in cultural and developmental projects as well as communal initiatives, she has worked as a manager of projects and programmes in the cultural field in a number of institutions, including the General Secretariat of Damascus Capital of Culture 2008 and Rawafed, the Cultural Project of the Syria Trust for Development. During her time at Rawafed, she designed and launched the Programme “Cultural Projects Incubator” and was responsible for managing the project “Interactive Theatre at Public Schools”. At the end of 2011 she founded together with a group of independent cultural activists “Ettijahat. Independent Culture”, an organization that works on activating an authentic relationship between cultural and artistic acts on one hand and the Syrian society with its diversity and plurality on the other.