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Simón Palominos Mandiola


Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes

Departamento de Estudios

Ahumada 11, Pisos 9-10-11, Santiago

Plaza Sotomayor 233, Valparaíso

Santiago, Valparaíso






A Chilean sociologist of the University of Chile, with postgraduate studies in Latin American Cultural Studies. He has researched and taught in the University of Chile, Catholic University of Chile, and the University Alberto Hurtado.

His interests are Sociology of Culture, Cultural Studies, Cultural policy, Artistic and Cultural Field, Cultural and Creative Industries, and Cultural Inequalities in Chile.

Besides his academic activities, he has developed an active work in the public sector, being founding member and Chief of the Cultural Observatory of the National Council of Culture and Arts of Chile, directing research projects related to the characterization of the Chilean cultural field, supporting cultural policy design and promoting an active link between Academy and State.