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Ilkka Heiskanen

Secretary General, Finnish Association of Culture and Media Researchers (Finn EKVIT)

Urheilukatu 22 A 11, 00250 Helsinki
Tel. +358 9 477 1156
Fax: +358 9 241080



Ilkka Heiskanen is professor (emeritus) of Political Science at the University of Helsinki and member of the Finnish Academy of Science. Professor Heiskanen received his Dr. Soc. Sc. in organisational theory at the University of Helsinki and, alongside his academic career, was working as a member of many government ad hoc committees and as a government expert in international organisations (OECD/Puma, UNESCO, Nordic Committee of Ministers).

In the 1980s and 1990s he specialised in media and cultural policy studies and worked as an expert in the projects groups of UNESCO and the Council of Europe. He was member of the Council of Europe's Project Group 11 (on culture industries), head of the research group that wrote the Finnish National Report for the Council of Europe's National Cultural Policy Review, a member of the European Task Force writing the report "In from the Margins", the Council of Europe's expert in the review of Lithuanian cultural policy and a member of the EU/LEG-group designing European statistics on cultural expenditure and financing.

Prof Heiskanen is Member of the Board of Governors for the ERICarts Institute and is Secretary General of the Finnish Association of Culture and Media Researchers (Finn EKVIT).