Rita Azar


Rita Azar is a Lebanese journalist with extensive experience in covering the Lebanese civil war and its aftermath for over 29 years. In her coverage of the civil war, she specialised in human focused feature writing on topics such as war hostages and the displaced, in addition to her frontline coverage.
After the Lebanese war, she extended the scope of her interests to contribute to cultural and political topics in several media outlets she worked for.
Her expertise spans over print, TV, and online media. For instance, she was in charge of a website specialised in monitoring human rights in Lebanon. She worked in the production of several TV shows for Lebanese and Arab channels related to social and cultural topics.
Rita brings a good experience in research. She undertook a field mission to Kurdistan in northen Iraq in order to research the development of habits and traditions in this region. She also worked as a researcher on cultural policies in Lebanon for Al-Mawred al-Thaqafi, and helped in the production and dissemination of AFKAR 2 Newsletter (AFKAR Program funded by the European Union).
Rita has been enjoying writing satirical articles in several publications since she started her career in journalism.