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Reem Al Khatib


Reem Al-Khatib is a Visual artist, scenographer, and cultural activist. Graduated from the Department of Visual Communication, Faculty of Fine Arts, Damascus University in 1992, she also studied in the Department of Criticism and Theatre, the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts, Damascus, Syria in 1991-1994. She served as the director of the Centre of Visual Arts  in Damascus "Adham Ismael", Ministry of Culture, Syria, in 2000 -2013. In 2015, she founded the Art Space studio for visual art, and the Saya association for Culture and Heritage in Damascus.
Earlier, in 2010, Reem started the Alhara Museum, bringing visual arts to the streets to connect with a wider audience. She also collaborated with Ta Tate Britain on several projects, including Nahnou -Together which took place between 2005 and 2008, and has presented her research on various recourses in Syrian art to the gallery. She established the Contemporary Art Laboratory 2009 at the Adham Ismael Centre, with a series of workshops aiming at improving Syrian arts and support artists and art researchers of all ages in discovering new developments in the visual arts world that connect art to society. She also served as a scenographer on dozens of theatre performances for the Syrian National Theatre and independent productions, as well as the designer of many advertising campaigns.