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Rui Telmo Gomes

Researcher, Observatorio das Actividades Culturais

Rua Garrett 80-1°C, 1200-204 Lisbon
Tel: +351 21 321 9860
Fax : +351 21 342 9697



Rui Telmo Gomes is currently preparing his Ph.D in Sociology of Culture focusing as research object the pop music scene in Lisbon and the youth subcultures related to it. He has worked as researcher in the Observatório das Actividades Culturais (OAC) from its foundation in 1996. The research projects and published studies in wich he has been involved since then include cultural practices and policies, cultural events and equipments audiences, cultural and creative industries in Portugal, professionalization conditions and trends in artistic domains (namely regarding the performing arts). He is also editor to the OAC's journal (OBS) from its first issue in 1997. In recent years he has been lecturer in some portuguese universities and research centers.