Syria/ 8.1 Support to artists and other creative workers  

8.1.1 Overview of strategies, programmes and direct or indirect forms of support

Direct State support for artists in Syria is evident through a group of laws and regulations, and the Ministry of Culture takes over administrative supervision of its implementation:

Article 31 of chapter 4 of the Syrian constitution stipulates: "The State supports scientific research with all of its requirements and guarantees the freedom of literature, cultural, artistic, and scientific creativity and provides the necessary tools for achieving it. The State also offers every kind of help to advance science and art as well as encouraging artistic and scientific inventions along with creative talents and efficiencies and protect their results.”

MOC supported by the late President Hafez Al-Assad worked on issuing the Artists Law No.32 for the year 1973, which was issued to help artists by giving them job nature compensations and ranks in file higher than non-artists degree holders.

By virtue of a presidential decree, the Unified Labor Law of 1982 stipulates that artists may be exceptionally appointed at State institutions. Article 16 of Part 3 of Chapter 5 of this Law stipulates: "By virtue of a decree, and without observing the provisions stipulated in chapter 4, artists, athletes, and union leaders may be appointed in any of the five categories of State jobs".

The Ministry of Finance (MOF) grants the artists within the tax exemptions section in which persons who practice writing, composition, painting, or sculpture are exempted from the (tax on profits income). However producers of films, TV shows, commercials and the like, and distributors of imported and local art production shall be subject to the real profits tax.

One of the objectives of the 10th FYP is to promote the cultural standards of all citizens. For that purpose special terms were dedicated to the sponsoring of artists.

Sponsoring talents in the fields of theatrical arts, music, and ballet and promoting all types of artistic creativity.

Promote the art movement; plastic arts, music, and theater and develop all aspects of dimensions of the local art scene.

Copyrights Law 12 for the year 2001 was issued in Syria followed by Legislative Decree No.62 of 2013 to protect intellectual, literary, and artistic production: novels, poems, plays, books, software, databases, films, music works, dance designs, oil paintings, photographs, sculptures, architectural works, geographic maps, and other creative works. This Law also protects the creator rights, such as the rights of performers (actors and musicians), records producers, radio and TV broadcasters, and other.

Chapter published: 09-05-2016