Syria/ 8.3 Arts and cultural education  

8.3.2 Arts in schools

The Ministry of Education in the Syrian Arab Republic cared for developing the art-music curriculum for primary and secondary school levels. In 2010, the curriculum was put into experiment in some schools and later it was publicized on the other schools in the following year.

MOE is currently dedicating special attention to develop the art subjects and work in underway to finalize a special curriculum for painting and music for the basic and secondary stages. This curriculum is currently on trial at some schools and if proven valid it will be part of the curricula of every Syrian school by the beginning of 2010.

As for theater, the Interactive Theater Program is one of the most prominent initiatives aimed at integrating culture into education. This project was organized by the Syrian Trust for Development "Rawafed Project" in cooperation with MOE and is funded by the Swiss foundation DARSOS in an attempt to activate school theater based on a scientific approach meant to stimulate students to enable them to creatively take part in the educational process.

The project was launched in the year 2009 by contribution of 18 Higher Institute for Arts Graduates and 6 from the School Theater Cadre from the Ministry of Education, with an aim to make the “interactive Theater” an essential part of the outside school activities, it depends on the scholar theaters available at many Syrian schools. In September 2011, Drusus Institute did not renew its contract with Syria Trust for Development in supporting the project which led to its suspension.

This 2-year project is being applied in more than ten government schools and is expected to include more than 390 children in its activities. 

Chapter published: 09-05-2016