Syria/ 5.3 Sector specific legislation  

5.3.2 Performing arts and music

Ministry of Culture:

The bylaws of the Ministry of Culture, first issued in 1958, and was subject to a number of amendments, is considered the main legal document applicable for legislating the artistic work in Syria, categorizing the artists, setting up the financial and administrative regulations, defining mandates of decision-taking, tools, and mechanisms of production.

Syndicate of Artists:

The Syndicate was established by virtue of the Legislative Decree no. 162 issued by the President in 1967, upon the Resolution of the temporary Regional Command of the Ba'ath Arab Socialist Party No.2, on 25th of February, 1966, and upon the Resolution of the Cabinet No.609 dated 26th of December, 1967. The 163 male and female founder artists held a meeting and elected the first board in 1968.

The Legislative Decree No.44 was issued in 1972 stipulating establishment of a Pension Funds and all related provisions. Some provisions were later modified under law No. 51, 2002.

The approval of establishing a “colleagues chamber” was issued by Damascus branch of the assembly with the number (87) on 22/9/1996. The chamber council could, in a very short time, organize itself and issue an interior law-package along with its agendas, in addition to offering some necessary loans, services, and supplies to the members. The administration council of the artists colleague and social sponsorship chamber initiated to sign a group life insurance contracts with 100,000 SYP for each member without assigning them any financial burden in return of the contract. The contract included aiding the members in different scenarios; permanent total disability resulted by an accident or illness, permanent partial disability resulted by an accident,         as well as, supporting the member’s family in the case of his/her death, caused naturally or by an accident.

Granting a License for Establishing a Theatrical or Musical Band:

The Syrian artists granted license for establishing theatrical and musical bands via the Syndicate of Artists under the name: “an artistic gathering”, as stipulated in the Syndicate bylaws. This allows a number of independent artists to work within a legislative framework away from the law of Association set up by the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Chapter published: 06-05-2016