Syria/ 5.3 Sector specific legislation  

5.3.1 Visual and applied arts

The Syndicate of Plastic Artists was established in Damascus at the beginning of the 70's of the last century. Establishment of Union of Plastic Artists law was issued on the 26th of December, 2004 whereas related bylaws, that were prepared by the Syndicate of Fine Arts and sent to the Ministry on 15/6/2006, have not been issued so far knowing that, delay in issuing the bylaw is considered an explicit violation of Article 68 of the 19th Chapter and the transitional provisions of the law which explicitly stated that: “The by-laws and the financial system of the Union should be issued by a Ministerial Resolution in a period not exceeding 6 months from the date of passing the law. Until issued, the bylaws and the financial system of the Fine Arts Union will be in force in a way that does not violate the provision of this law. On 15/11/2011, a law project was issued by the Syrian government cabinet that made a statement on the establishment of abstract artists retirement chamber, which aimed to provide a retirement pension, offer compensations, and grant aids to its members and their families according to the arranging principles. In addition to that, the government cabinet had issued earlier on 27/7/2011 a law project that included establishing a center named, “the National Center of Visual Arts” in Damascus University. The law project aimed to revive the Syrian creative abstract art movement and the usage of visual arts in contribution to enriching the cultural, social, and educational life and developing youth art talents.

The Center, which has 20 employees, did not present any activity until the second half of July 2014 when it announced that it was beginning a series of workshops in sculpture, photography and others.

The Union of Plastic Artists is considered an urgent body which is needed to preserve the artists’ interests, to regulate respective legislative system related to health and social insurance, Pension Funds, and to establish specialized artistic associations.

Galleries should have the consent of the syndicate of Plastic Artists on holding any artistic exhibition.

Chapter published: 06-05-2016