Syria/ 3.4 International cultural co-operation  

3.4.4 Direct professional co-operation

We will focus in this paragraph on sample reviews of types of direct professional cooperation raised by the governmental and external sector, the private, governmental and, foreign sectors.

Direct professional cooperation – government sector

The Ministry of Culture sends invitations to Arab and foreign groups and performers to the international festivals taking place in the Syria (Busra Festival and Damascus Theatrical Festival) in coordination with the ministries of culture in the countries concerned to create art programs within where Syrian groups and shows are presented in addition to foreign ones. Sadly, there haven’t been any festivals from the year 2010 to the time of this research.

Worth mentioning that the Syrian Ministry of Culture looks after hosting and organizing cultural weeks dedicated for most of the Arab Countries, this phenomena has become active in special during the year 2008 as a part of the activities held by the Ministry of Culture in celebration of Damascus the Capital of Arab Culture. Despite the modesty of this hosting, it has stopped since the people’s uprising in 2011.

Direct professional cooperation – government and civil sector

The Jazz Festival in Syria hosted at Damascus citadel (an ancient citadel located in the old city of Damascus), a musical festival had been organized and funded by the Swiss Embassy, since its launching in 2004, and in 2008 this Festival became the responsibility of Syrian Trust for Development (given its capacity as a national cultural organization) able to continue to stage this event.

The fifth version of this Festival, which opened on 7 July 2009, had received high financial and logistical support from the Ministry of Culture and Damascus Governorate as main partners in the event, in addition to commercial sponsors. The festival since its beginning raised with contributions of foreign Embassies in Damascus in this event, also through the foreign diplomacy in Damascus in cooperation with the public sector, the private sector and the commercial sectors (sponsors), annual festival considered one of the most festivals novelty, and most separated from the governmental style of the Ministry of Culture festivals,   that is organized in Syria. The sixth version of the festival was the last (at the time of doing this research), and held at the Damascus Citadel from July 3-13 July in 2010 with the participation of 14 local and international bands.

Chapter published: 06-05-2016