Syria/ 5.1 General legislation  

5.1.4 Social security frameworks

Freelance artists don’t enjoy rights with regard to social insurance. Artists working in the public sector are subject to law No.92 of the social insurances and its amendments by law No.78, 2001. The law is applied by the General Establishment for Social Insurances. In September 2011, the social insurances law draft was set and asked to be discussed for the issuance purpose[1].  In March 2013 the general manager of the social insurance institution assured that the project of the new law of social insurance was in its final stage and that it would form a prominent change in the institutions work and in solving a variety of dilemmas that had appeared through conducting Law (92) for the year 1959 and its amendments in 2001[2]. On 9/7/2014 the Cabinet ratified the amendment of Law 92 from 1959 relating to social security and its revision. The amendment aims to overcome the difficulties faced by the Social Security Administration, and the revisions included solving the problem of double taxation of insurance, buying services to complete the terms of pensions, and abolishing the fourth class so that all workers can benefit from insurance. These amendments also stipulate that Syrian workers abroad be provided with social pension income in old age and disability and compensation in case of death, and other benefits with an interest return to both the Administration and Syrian workers.[3]    

Artists registered at the Syndicate of Artists[4], and according to Syndicate's bylaws, enjoy the following rights:

  • Pension Funds: the fund is passed by the legislative decree No.44 aiming to securing pensions, allowances, and financial aids to the artists and their families[5]

  • Based on article 26 of the Funds Pension law: The retired artist has no right to exercise his previous artistic job with the exception of the temporary scientific or technical consultations assigned to him by the Syndicate, official bodies, or his colleagues.

  • Artist Insurance Fund: This funds was established in 2002 according to a decree passed by President Bashar Al-Assad. The aim of the Funds is to provide a financial support to members of the Syndicate in the following cases: death, retirement, surgeries, medical treatment, health care, and delivery.

  • Plastic artists are registered at the Syndicate of the Syrian Plastic artists and are subject to its regulations. Law number 55 in 2004 stipulated the name “Union of Plastic Artists” instead of Syndicate of Plastic Artists, but the law had not been made effective at the time of this research. 

[1]Website of SyriaNews in 14/5/2011

[2]Website of A Arab News in 26/3/2013

[4] The artistic professions include: music, singing, dancing, acting, directing (cinema, radio, and TV), as well as other related professions as is included by the decision issued by the Minister following consultations with the board of the Syndicate of Artists.

[5] The artist has the right to ask for retirement if the following conditions were met:

  1. That he is a member registered within the Syndicate of Artists and has paid all duly fees throughout period of exercising his profession which will be necessarily taken into consideration upon retirement.

  2. That he practically has exercised one of the professions enlisted in the law of the Syndicate for not less than 30 years, on a regular or intermittent basis since the registration at the Syndicate.

  3. That he is of a Syrian citizenship nothing less than 5 years, an Arab Palestinian, or an Arab citizen who registered at the Syndicate before the issuance of law no.13, 1990.

Chapter published: 06-05-2016