Zimbabwe/ 8.4 Amateur arts, cultural associations and civil initiatives  

8.4.3 Associations of citizens, advocacy groups, NGOs and advisory panels

There are many arts and culture organisations and associations working to advance the state of the Zimbabwean creative sector. Below are some of them:

NGOs or Non-Profits

  • Nhimbe Trust: Nhimbe is a non profit arts education organisation and a leader in cultural policy, advocacy and freedom to create in Zimbabwe- http://www.nhimbe.org/

Advocacy Groups and Associations

  • The Zimbabwe Music Rights Association (ZIMURA)
    The Zimbabwe Music Rights Association (ZIMURA) is an association of composers and publishers of music established to protect certain of the rights of Zimbabwe author members granted to them under the copyright law. It was incorporated in terms of Section 22 of the Companies Act (CAP190). To this end a certificate was required from the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, which was granted on 22nd of March 1982. ZIMURA was registered by the Registrar of Companies on 30th March 1982.Website: http://www.zimmusicrights.org/
  • Zimcopy
    ZimCopy is a collecting society that administers the economic rights of creators and authors in the field of literary and artistic works in Zimbabwe. It was founded in 1995 by five rightholder associations: namely Zimbabwe Writers Union (ZIWU), Zimbabwe Union of Journalists (ZUJ), Zimbabwe Book Publishers Association (ZBPA), and Zimbabwe Music Rights Association (ZIMRA). Since then, new members have joined and these include Zimbabwe Academic and Non-Fiction Authors Association (ZANA), The Zimbabwe Women Writers (ZWW) and Zimbabwe African Languages Writers Association (ZALWA). Website: http://www.zimcopy.org/
  • Zimbabwe Union of Musicians
    ZUM aims to represent musicians, negotiate on their behalf and improve their standing within the music industry, and help individual members.
  • Zimbabwe Women Writers Association
    The association was formed in 1990 with the primary objective to promote women's writings by means of providing writing skills, to publish women's writings, to disseminate information on literary activities to its members, to promote networking with gender related and other literacy organisations.
  • Coalition against Censorship Zimbabwe (CACZ)
    This is an association formed by the Zimbabwe Theatre Association (ZiTA), Bulawayo Arts Forum (BAF), Visual Art Association Bulawayo (VAAB), Savanna Arts Trust, Global Arts Trust,  Nhimbe Trust and Homegrown Arts. It seeks to:  educate and empower art creators, promoters and consumers to defend the freedom to create; monitor, document and issue alerts on current censorship issues and violations on free creative expression; inform and influence judicial opinions, policy and legislation impacting on freedom of creative expression; and provide educational resources, training and legal aid to individuals and cultural organisations responding to incidences of artistic censorship.
  • The Zimbabwe Applied Art in Craft Association
    The Zimbabwe Applied Art in Craft Association is an association of Zimbabwean Crafters formed in January 2010. This idea of coming together came about after most of the crafters realised they have common challenges affecting them as individuals and only by been group can they be able to promote and foster their contemporary and traditional crafts made in Zimbabwe. Its membership is drawn from some provinces in Zimbabwe and the membership is set to grow to all the other proncives.
  • The Graphic Arts Association of Zimbabwe (GRAAZI)
    The Graphic Arts Association of Zimbabwe (GRAAZI) is an association of professional for graphic arts with a mission to advance the graphic arts as a professional craft, strategic tool and vital cultural force.
  • Zimbabwe Theatre Association
    The purpose of ZITA is to inspire innovative, high quality theatre experiences for youths, adults and artists to effect economic, social and spiritual growth for personal and common good.
  • Bulawayo Arts Forum
    The Bulawayo Arts Forum (BAF) is a voluntary network of cultural rights defenders based in Bulawayo Zimbabwe. It brings together artists from the fields of theatre, dance, music, visual arts, socio-cultural work, arts management, arts technicians, historians, writers and journalists.

Chapter published: 31-08-2012