Zimbabwe/ 2. General objectives and principles of cultural policy  

2.2 National definition of culture

The cultural policy of Zimbabwe has two definitions of culture. The first definition is tied to the very definition of culture adopted by UNESCO in 1982. The totality of a people’s way of life, the whole complex of distinctive spiritual material, intellectual and emotional features that characterise a society or social group and includes not only arts and literature, but also modes of life, the fundamental rights of the human being, value systems and traditions and beliefs. 

The second definition notes that culture can be defined as the sum total of a way of life a society can offer in terms of material implements and possession; in terms of intellectual and educational level of development; in terms of standards of living and ways of life; in terms of values and value systems, and in terms of social relations between members of the society, in terms of arts and crafts and in terms of religion. 

Both definitions acknowledge that culture evolves over time due to life processes involving external and internal forces and that it is integral in the development process.

Chapter published: 28-09-2011