Zimbabwe/ 8.2 Cultural consumption and participation  

8.2.1 Trends and figures

Cultural participation is a complicated issue which cannot be easily measured in Zimbabwe. This is because culture is part of the people’s everyday life. Traditional rituals, oral traditions and folktale sessions are integral parts of culture and everyday lives of people. It would be unfair to restrict measuring cultural participation to examining household expenditure resulting from the purchase of cultural goods and services, how often people visit cultural and art institutions and events, pursuit of amateur activity, domestic leisure time use, time used for listening to music, reading etc., and audiences / sales / box office figures in terms of how many visitors different cultural and art institutions attract.

The figures for cultural participation by local people in Zimbabwe are only available in formalised institutions such as museums and formal arts festivals. Less formalised cultural participation in rituals and ceremonies cannot be easily measured.

Chapter published: 28-09-2011