Zimbabwe/ 9. Sources and Links  

9.1 Key documents on cultural policy

Arts and Culture Indaba Report, Culture Fund of Zimbabwe Trust, 2010, http://arterialnetwork.org/uploads/2011/08/ZIMBABWE_ARTS_AND_CULTURE_INDABA_Final_Draft.pdf 

Chifunyise and McLaren, Research capacities in arts education and their practical applications in the southern African sub-region: http://www.unesco.org/culture/en/artseducation/pdf/writtencontribution307robertmclarenfullpaper.pdf 

Chimhundu, H.; Gutsa, J.; Mano, J.; Matimati, E.; Muchemwa, K.; & Nkiwane, M. (1998). Report on the formulation of a national language policy. Unpublished manuscript: ocpa.irmo.hr/resources/docs/Harare_Language-en.pdf 

Chiwaura, H., (1999), The development of formal legislation and the recognition of tradional customary law in Zimbabwe’s Heritage Management, ICCROM, http://www.iccrom.org/pdf/ICCROM_ICS05_LegalFrameworkAfrica_en.pdf 

Cultural Policy of Zimbabwe: http://artsinafrica.com/uploads/2011/06/CULTURAL_POLICY_OF_ZIMBABWE_2007.pdf 

Cultural Statistics Survey Report 2012 – ZIMSTAT www.zimstat.co.zw/dmdocuments/Culture/Cultural.pdf

Culture Fund of Zimbabwe Trust, Baseline study on the culture sector in Zimbabwe, Harare, March, 2009 http://arterialnetwork.org/uploads/2011/08/The_Culture_Fund__Baseline_Report__FINAL_250609-3.pdf 

Feltoe, G., (2002), A Guide to Media Law in Zimbabwe, Legal Resources Foundation (LRF) 

‘Giving Voice to the Artist’: The Impact of Current Cultural Policy Discourse on Zimbabwean Arts CULTURAL SYMPOSIUM @ HIFA, 2-4 May 2012 Report http://archive.kubatana.net/docs/artcul/nhimbe_cultural_symposium_120606.pdf

Kavanagh, R, ed. Ngoma: Approaches to Arts Education in Southern Africa, (Zimbabwe Academy of Arts Education for Development, Harare, 2006)

Parliament of Zimbabwe (25 February 2014 Vol 23 No 36) -http://www.parlzim.gov.zw/attachments/article/35/25_February_2014_23-36.pdf

Robert McLaren, (2001), Case Study: Teaching Dance to Children in Zimbabwe the Chipawo experience, A paper presented at the Regional Conference on Arts Education in Primary and Secondary Schools as well as in Non-formal Education Systems, 26-1 July 2001: http://portal.unesco.org/culture/en/files/19437/10805724513mclaren.pdf/mclaren.pdf

The Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act: Five Years On, A report prepared by Media Institute of Southern Africa Zimbabwe: http://www.zimbabwejournalists.com/uploaddocs/AIPPA_Five_Years_On__A_Trail_of_Destruction.pdf 

Thondhlana, J., Using Indigenous Languages for Teaching and Learning in Zimbabwe, Unpublished manuscript: http://jan.ucc.nau.edu/~jar/ILAC/ILAC_4.pdf 

Viriri,A., (2003), “Language Planning in Zimbabwe; the Conservation and Management of Indigenous Languages in Zimbabwe”. Paper presented at ICOMOS 14th General Assembly and Scientific Symposium at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe's cultural products – deserving of protection www.tradescentre.org.zw/index.php?option=com_docman... 


Research reports on cultural governance in Zimbabwe http://www.nhimbe.org/sites/default/files/policies/LEGAL%20INSTRUMENTS%20RESEARCH%20COMPENDIUM_NHIMBE-NPAAC.pdf

Various reports on Nhimbe’s cultural policy initiatives in Zimbabwe http://www.nhimbe.org/download-resources

Chapter published: 07-04-2015