Zimbabwe/ 4.2 Specific policy issues and recent debates  

4.2.9 Employment policies for the cultural sector

Zimbabwe does not have a clear employment policy for the cultural sector. However recently there has been a lot of talk around the need to professionalise the arts and culture sector. This year (2011)’s culture week celebrations organised by the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe was around the need for artists to be professional. The National Arts Council of Zimbabwe said that it is time to professionalise the creative industries; by also formalising their operations in order to give them equal market space and considerations. However the people to make the first step towards that are the arts practitioners themselves. There is need to generate talk around the issue and proffer solutions for the need to professionalise the sector. 

According to the baseline survey done by the Culture Fund of Zimbabwe Trust 78% of respondents interviewed (during the survey) earned more than 50% of their livelihoods from employment in the various culture sector activities. 

Chapter published: 28-09-2011