Zimbabwe/ 5.3 Sector specific legislation  

5.3.7 Mass media

Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act Chapter 10:27: It was enacted in 2002 to oversee how the print and electronic media operate in the country. 

Broadcasting Services Act 12:06: An Act to provide for the functions, powers and duties of the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe; to provide for the constitution of the Authority; to provide for the planning, management, allocation, regulation and protection of the broadcasting frequency spectrum and the regulation and licensing of broadcasting services and systems; to provide for programme standards; to regulate and license signal carriers; to encourage and develop the creative arts through broadcasting content standards; to create a sense of national identity through broadcasting services; 

Radiocommunication Services Act Chapter 12:04: An Act to provide for the control of and supervision over radiocommunication services within, into and from Zimbabwe. 

All the laws listed below also regulate mass media in Zimbabwe:

Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Amendment Act, 2007 (Act 20, 2007)
Broadcasting Services Act, 2001
Broadcasting Services Amendment Act, 2007 (Act 19, 2007)
Censorship and Entertainments Control Act 2004
Interception of Communications Act Ch 11:20, Act 6/2007
Official Secrets Act (Ch 11:09)
Official Secrets Act [Chapter 11:09]
Postal and Telecommunications Act (Ch 12:05)
Printed Publications Act (Ch 25:14)

Chapter published: 28-09-2011