Zimbabwe/ 9. Sources and Links  

9.2 Key organisations and portals

Cultural policy making bodies (e.g. Ministry of Culture) 


  1. Ministry of Sport, Arts and Culture
  2. National Arts Council of Zimbabwe: www.natartszim.org
  3. The National Art gallery of Zimbabwe: www.nationalgallery.co.zw/
  4. National Archives of Zimbabwe: www.archives.gov.zw/


Professional associations 

AfricanColours Artists Association: http://zimbabwe.africancolours.net/content/3851
Media Institute of Southern Africa (Zimbabwe): http://www.misazim.co.zw/
Zimbabwe Music Rights Association: http://www.zimmusicrights.org/
Zimbabwe Union of Journalists: http://www.zuj.org.zw/

*It is to be noted that there many professional associations in the creative sector of Zimbabwe but they do not have websites. More information about these associations is available from the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe. 

Grant-giving bodies

  1. Culture Fund of Zimbabwe Trust: http://www.culturefund.co.zw
  2. Hivos Southern Africa: www.hivos.nl
  3. Africalia: www.africalia.be
  4. European Union delegation to Zimbabwe (in partnership with Culture Fund of Zimbabwe Trust) eeas.europa.eu/delegations/zimbabwe/index_en.htm  
  5. Danish Embassy (in partnership with Culture Fund of Zimbabwe Trust)
  6. http://zimbabwe.um.dk/en/danida-en/ 
  7. British Council: http://www.britishcouncil.co.zw/
  8. Norwegian Embassy: http://www.norway.org.zw/

*Funding is also provided by embassies of European Countries 

Cultural research, advice and statistics 

  1. Zimbabwe Tourism Authority: www.zimbabwetourism.net /
  2. ZimStat: www.zimstat.co.zw/  
  3. Law and Justice Zimbabwe: http://www.law.co.zw/The Media Monitoring Project (Zimbabwe) is an independent Trust that works to promote freedom of expression and responsible journalism in Zimbabwe: http://www.mmpz.org/
  4. Pamberi Trust
  5. Nhimbe Trust: http://www.nhimbe.org/download-resources
  6. Book Fair: http://www.zibfa.org.zw/
  7. Culture Fund of Zimbabwe Trust: http://www.culturefund.org.zw/

Culture/Arts Portals 

  1. Kubatana.net: This web site improves the accessibility of human rights and civic information in Zimbabwe. You can browse over 19,000 articles, reports and other documents: http://kubatana.net/
  2. Zimbabwean entertainment, lifestyle and showbiz magazine. Stories, profiles, images and online music shop: http://www.zimbojam.com/

Chapter published: 07-04-2015