South Korea/ 5.1 General legislation  

5.1.4 Social security frameworks

The Korean social security framework consists of four kinds of social insurance, which are the national pension, the national health insurance, worker’s accident compensation insurance, and unemployment insurance. According to a study on artist’s welfare (2003) out of the surveyed artist group, 98% have national health insurance, 62% fall under the national pension system, and 18% have unemployment insurance. A more recent study highlights participation in the social security system by specific genre (2007). For example in dance, the study explains that 91% have national health insurance, 59% are in national pension scheme, 30% have unemployment insurance, and 35% have worker’s accident compensation insurance. A smaller proportion of those who tend to work independently such as in genres like the fine arts have coverage under each of the insurance categories, according to a different survey (2006).

In 2011, the legislation 「Artist Welfare Act」 has been enacted. The law has its original idea to certify insurance coverage from industrial disaster, employment insurance. Since the Korean adopts national health care system the above two has been problematic for the project based working artists on many cases. The Artist Welfare Foundation has been developing registration system to qualify artist as a profession and modify the transitionary period of institutionalizing full welfare coverage for profession in the arts and culture.

Chapter published: 29-11-2013