South Korea/ 5.3 Sector specific legislation  

5.3.6 Film, video and photography

The 「Promotion of the Motion Pictures and Video Product Act」 was enacted to help improve the of quality of motion pictures and video products and promote the development of the film and video industry, thereby contributing to the enhancement of the people’s cultural lives and the development of national culture.

This Act regulates matters concerning the establishment and implementation of the Motion Picture Promotion Plan under the leadership of the Minister of the Culture. The Act’s objective is to advance visual culture and promote the film and video industry, to improve quality of films produced in Korea, and to promote Korean films and film industry. It states that a Film Promotion Fund should be established for the development and advancement of the film art. It also addresses itself to matters relating to maintaining of democratic order, respect of human rights and the protection of children and adolescents, such as film rating and classification and the restrictions on commercials and advertisements. In addition, the Act stipulates that films and related literature and sound materials should be collected, preserved and exhibited for their artistic, historical and educational value and use. The Minister of Culture is responsible for the establishment and implementation of policy measures for the promotion of the video industry, and the Video Industry Promotion Council should be established and operated for the effective implementation of those measures. This Act also covers the rating and classification of video products to protect children and adolescents, and the labeling and advertisement of video products. Furthermore the Act lays ground for managing the Korea Media Rating Board to give rating for video products and their commercials and advertisements for the sake of protecting children and adolescents from harmful materials.

Chapter published: 29-11-2013