South Korea/ 4.2 Specific policy issues and recent debates  

4.2.9 Employment policies for the cultural sector

Teaching artists (TA)

The Ministry of Culture appoints artists as teachers in elementary, middle and high schools as well as some kindergartens across the country with a goal to support arts and cultural education at schools. The teaching artist program is being run in 5,436 elementary/middle/high schools, some 1,300 welfare centers, and other public or nonprofit facilities for the youth, elderly, and the disabled.

Retirees as cultural intermediary

Support is provided to those retirees who have completed courses at local cultural institutes to work as cultural animators. They serve as instructors in local cultural histories and resources in community centers, schools, and welfare institutions, performing arts and cultural programs. This helps them to lead a productive life after retirement.

Multicultural (program) educators

Most cultural facilities that design and implement multicultural programs are experiencing a shortage of human resources and want to hire multicultural educators who have been trained through the courses provided by the Ministry (Korea Arts and Culture Education Service). While knowledge of local culture would be desirable for running such programs, at present those trained through the central system are being sent to work as multicultural educators. Especially at local cultural facilities like libraries, museums and local cultural institutes which have a high demand for such educators, this program could meet multiple objectives of revitalizing local cultural facilities and creating jobs.

Rotating librarians for “Small Library”

New jobs have been created through the “Small Library” program under which professional librarians are hired to build library collection, provide information for the local communities, and offer cultural programs. Through this “Small Library and Rotating Librarians” program, professional librarians have been placed in 77 public libraries in rural areas across the country, resulting in provision of the services of a professional librarian to 344 small libraries linked to the public ones.

Chapter published: 29-11-2013