Sweden/ 6. Financing of culture  

6.1 Short overview

2008-2015, total public spending on culture increased with around 10 percent. National government spending on culture has increased in absolute terms since 2012, but decreased as a percentage of total national government spending. There is a noticeable trend of regional governments increasing their part of total government spending on culture while the municipal part is decreasing.

Of national government expenditure on arts and culture budgeted for 2015, 3.8 billion SEK went to popular adult education (folkbildning), 1.3 billion SEK to regional cultural activities, 1.4 billion SEK to museums and exhibitions and 1.3 billion SEK to theatre, music and dance. Public spending on culture varies a great deal between different parts of the country, both because different municipalities and regional governments spend different amounts and because the national government's cultural budget is spent unevenly in relation to different parts of the country. Priorities within cultural policy may also differ between different levels of government.

According to the latest survey, from 2012, total household expenditure on culture was 49.8 billion SEK.

Problems with gathering statistics on the Swedish culture sector have been addressed regularly. Responsibility for the production of official statistics was recently transferred, from the Swedish Arts Council to the Swedish Agency for Cultural Analysis.

Chapter published: 16-05-2017