Sweden/ 5.3 Sector specific legislation  

5.3.7 Mass media

Radio and TV transmission, other than via satellite, are subject to agreements between, on the one hand, the government and, on the other hand, the public service radio and TV companies, and TV4, a private company. The TV Authority, established in 1994, is respon­sible for regulations on commercial and satellite transmissions. It is also the licensing and registra­tion authority for local and similar radio stations, temporary transmissions and distri­bution by cable and satellite companies, and collects fees from local radio and com­mercial TV transmissions within Sweden.

The Radio and Television Act (Radiolagen, Swedish Code of Statutes 1966:755, 1978:476), applicable to television companies under Swedish jurisdiction contains a provision equivalent to Articles 4 and 5 of the European Union Television Broadcasting Directive. This Act regulates that more than half of the annual broadcasting time, or at least 10% shall be of programmes of European origin, and that at least 10% of the annual broadcasting time, or at least 10%, of the programme budget shall refer to programmes of European origin, produced by independent producers. As large, a proportion as possible of these should have been produced in the preceding five years. The television companies should report annually to the Swedish Radio and TV Authority on how they have complied with these regulations.

Chapter published: 16-05-2017