WorldCP website now available in Spanish


We are very pleased to announce that WorldCP, the international database of cultural policies, is now available in Spanish.....

The WorldCP profiles already available in Spanish are those for Chile and Spain and we hope to add to this over the coming 12 months. On the Spanish version of the site, the profiles in English are also available and comparable. You can also find information in Spanish about regional activities, the process for developing WorldCP profiles, and participating organisations and governments.
WorldCP will be a central, web-based and continuously updated database of country-specific profiles of policies that relate to culture. Modelled on the Council of Europe/ERICarts Compendium, it will also provide the capacity to monitor and analyse global trends in key aspects of cultural policies.

All WorldCP profiles cover eight key areas of cultural policy:

  • Historical perspective: cultural policies and instruments
  • General objectives and principles of cultural policy
  • Competence, decision-making and administration
  • Current issues in cultural policy development and debate
  • Main legal provisions in the cultural field
  • Financing of culture
  • Public institutions in cultural infrastructure
  • Promoting creativity and participation

This structure mirrors exactly that developed over 15 years by ERICarts and the Council of Europe in creating the Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends in Europe. The Compendium team has been fundamental in the development of the WorldCP project and we thank them for their ongoing support and guidance.

If you are interested in participating in WorldCP please let us know: