Profile of Chile to be developed for WorldCP


IFACCA is pleased to announce that the Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes (National Council for Culture and the Arts) has provided support for Simón Palominos to be commissioned to prepare a cultural policy profile of Chile as part of WorldCP....

The profile will be launched at the 6th World Summit on Arts and Culture [linl] in Santiago de Chile in January 2014, and will be the first WorldCP profile to be available in English and Spanish.

WorldCP will be a central, web-based and continuously updated database of country-specific profiles of policies that relate to culture. Modelled on the Council of Europe/ERICarts Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends in Europe, it will also provide the capacity to monitor and analyse global trends in key aspects of cultural policies. The WorldCP website ( was launched in October 2011

For more information on Simón, please see his ConnectCP profile

IFACCA is currently in discussions with organisations in all regions (Africa, Asia, the Pacific, the Americas and the Mediterranean) to develop a range national cultural policy profiles. IFACCA is working to develop a Spanish version of during 2013.