India/ 8.1 Support to artists and other creative workers  

8.1.1 Overview of strategies, programmes and direct or indirect forms of support

In general, governmental (and indeed private grantmaking) support addressing support to artists and creative workers has taken the developmental rural-livelihoods turn: for example, support to crafts practices or to cultural minorities representing endangered skills is often extended by the relevant ministries (handicrafts, women and child welfare, tribal welfare etc). Apart from this, there are fellowships and awards extended (e.g. by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations) to both well-known and promising young artists, in addition to subsidies for productions or exhibitions or to have cultural functions or conferences, or for projects, or to study in either India or abroad. Institutional support in the form of grant-in-aid is extended to state Universities and not-for-profit institution.

Although most such grants are made available at the Central level, there is some leeway for State Governments to also make support available. One such example, the Sahitya Kala Parishad (Academy of Performing and Fine Arts) established in 1968, is the cultural wing of the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi for music, dance, drama & fine arts. It is attempting to make Delhi the ‘cultural capital of the country’ through managing and organising arts exhibitions, artist camps, national music/dance/drama festivals, cultural programmes in Universities/Colleges/Schools, training workshops, lecture-cum-demonstration programmes, programmes, schemes of national importance and programmes for young and upcoming talents etc. The SKP organises music, dance and theatre programmes in which upcoming as well as eminent artists participate. The Parishad organises annual art exhibition and artists camps and interactions with eminent artists and awards prizes to persons of proven merit including artists, gurus, scholars and journalists. It also offers two-year scholarships of INR 1,500/- (USD 30) per month for advanced training in music and dance. A significant initiative by the Parishand is Bhagidari, in which both NGO groups and eminent artists and students of schools, colleges and universities are involved in the organisation of programmes. The State government sponsors and conducts activities along with literacy groups and social/cultural organisations. 

Chapter published: 22-04-2014