Key Documents

Key documents on the country's cultural policy, as identified by the profile author, will be listed here.


Government Reports:

Department of Education: The Annual Report 1992-93.

Department of Education: The Annual Report 1995-96. Government of India, Fifth Five Year Plan, Chairman: Indira Gandhi, Planning Commission of India, 1976

Government of India: Approach Paper on the National Policy On Culture & Observation, Comments, Recommendations Thereon, 1992

Ministry of Education and Social Welfare: Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE) Standing Committee Proceedings June 1973, New Delhi: 1973.

Ministry of Education: Report of the Education Commission 1964-66 Delhi: 1966.

Ministry of Education: Report of the University Education Commission (December 1948 – August 1949), Vol. I, 1950. Reprint, 1962.

Ministry of Education and Social Welfare: Review Committee on National Akademis and Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Government of India, New Delhi, 1972 (Chairman G.D. Khosla)

Ministry Of External Affairs: Standing Committee on External Affairs, 2002. Thirteenth Lok Sabha): Ninth Report, Demands for Grants (2002-2003).

Ministry of Human Resource Development: Programme of Action: National Policy on Education 1986: 1986

Ministry of Human Resource Development: Report of the High-Powered Committee to review the performance of the National Akademies and the National School of Drama, Department of Culture, New Delhi, July 1990. (Haksar Committee Report)

Planning Commission of India: First Five Year Plan, Chairman: Jawaharlal Nehru, 1952

Planning Commission of India: Second Five Year Plan, Chairman: Jawaharlal Nehru, 1956

Planning Commission of India: Third Five Year Plan, Chairman: Jawaharlal Nehru: 1961

Planning Commission of India: Fourth Five Year Plan, Chairman: Indira Gandhi, 1970

Planning Commission of India: Sixth Five Year Plan. Deputy Chairman: Narayan Dutt Tiwari: 1981

Planning Commission of India: Seventh Five Year Plan. Chairman: Rajeev Gandhi: 1985

Planning Commission of India: Report of the Working Group of the Planning Commission on Art and Culture for the Ninth Five-Year Plan 1997-2000. New Delhi: Department of Culture, May 1996.

Prime Minister's Council on Trade And Industry: Special Subject Group On Policy Framework For Private Investment In Education, Health And Rural Development: Mukesh Ambani (Convenor), Kumarmangalam Birla (Member), April 2000

Sangeet Natak Akademi Report 1953-58, New Delhi.

Sangeet Natak Akademi Report, 1958-59, New Delhi.


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