Australia/ 2. General objectives and principles of cultural policy  

2.3 Cultural policy objectives

Creative Australia sets out five key goals for the implementation of the national cultural policy, these being:


Recognise, respect and celebrate the centrality of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures to the uniqueness of Australian identity.


Ensure that government support reflects the diversity of Australia and that all citizens, wherever they live, whatever their background or circumstances, have a right to shape our cultural identity and its expression.


Support excellence and the special role of artists and their creative collaborators as the source of original work and ideas, including telling Australian stories.


Strengthen the capacity of the cultural sector to contribute to national life, community wellbeing and the economy.


Ensure Australian creativity thrives in the digitally enabled 21st century, by supporting innovation, the development of new creative content, knowledge and creative industries.

These goals are to be realised by ‘pathways for action’ under three key themes:


Modernise funding and support.


Creative expression and the role of the artist.


Connect to national life for a social and economic dividend.

Crucially, the realisation of the goals of Creative Australia are not seen as the responsibility of government alone but, as the policy document says:

Realising the vision of this policy will depend on successful collaborative partnerships between governments at all levels, between artists and cultural organisations, between training organisations and the industry, between other industries, and between donors, business and arts organisations. Pursuing this shared vision of fostering artistic excellence, facilitating community engagement and commercial opportunities will be priority. This will form the basis of partnerships across areas of government priority, so that the centrality of the cultural sector to national life is realised.

Nonetheless the Commonwealth government has allocated an additional $75m to the Australia Council to facilitate some of its key actions and initiatives, and has also transferred some of the funding programs to the Council that had been the purview of the Office for the Arts, in order that the Council’s focus is more clearly defined as being ‘on supporting artistic excellence’ while the Office for the Arts focuses on cultural policy and programs supporting national priorities’.  For further discussion on Creative Australia see section 4.1.

Chapter published: 26-12-2013